Friday, October 17, 2008

Great Place for Dinner #1

Hi again, sorry for not updating my blog for sometime, just been plain busy. Well, recently, we had dinner at this really cool set up somewhere in Changkat Bukit Bintang. Its called Bermuda and Onion - Besides BOM BRAZIL.

This restaurant is for those of you that like to eat pork. They serve a variety of pork dishes, served Italian style. The chef is a very friendly and quite a hilarious chap.

The pricing there is not too expensive and the environment there is cozy. A good place to wine and dine.

I would definitely not recommend this place to my enemies :)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vista Easter Egg

Before I share this information, I must tell you that I found this kewl thing while google-ing for some other stuff. Amazing eh? What you can find on the web!

Here we go!

1. Open dos prompt - Start-Run and type command
2. Goto the root of C:\ "you can do this by typing cd\ and hit enter
3. At the root, type edit "filename".bat - Filename ---> Replace it with what ever turns you on :)

Copy and paste the following

aurora.scr /p65552

4. Save the file
5. In windows explorer, search for the newly created file and copy it onto your desktop
6. Double click that file and see what happens - something really kewl
7. To exit "Press "Alt" + "F4" simultanoeusly without the + sign :)


Sunway Lagoon

Too much of chlorine in the eyes

I tell you, this game is bad man...try this out ... the world literally spins around you. But try it at a safe location. We do not want to see anyone getting hurt

My eldest son Nishan, just loves the water...we had to bribe him to get him out to have lunch

Langkawi Trip

Can I be a Photographer?

Only a pair of parrot in the bird cage and they called it "Bird Park"

Looks like someone I know :)

A very very very sad fish

What can I say ... He's enjoying him self

In the plane

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We like challenges!

Thus far; we managed to successfully implement any customization requirements from our customers. We have yet to find a particular request that we could not fulfill. If you have some strange idea of how you want to implement Asterisk or Nagios in your organization or a specific customized feature for your organization, bring this challenge to us.

We have integrated Nagios with various monitoring tools out there; and some of them are from the big boys -- Guess what? the customers have now replaced "the big boys" with Nagios -- Kewl no?

I just love it, customers love it. It's all about choices. It's all about the freedom to choose. It's all about what you want us to do for you -- something "the big boys" need to comprehend. Today's demanding economy no longer sees dictatorship from vendors to customers, but rather, a solution requirement that is customer driven!

Open source in general provides us with that platform. With its open architecture and framework, we can achieve what others refer to as "wish list"....

If you have something to share about your experience with Asterisk and Nagios or anything related to OSS, do leave your comments :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Intuit's Pool Nite #3

"Al Capone" of Intuit ... Daniel Ali

Azwin ... Another player

Good ol old fashion photography... Henry doing his best!

Intuit's Pool Nite #2

Not too sure I should comment on this photo ... :)

Wow .. an actual shot of number 10...

Our ever happy and cheerful VP of PMO - Frank

Intuit's Pool Nite

Boys at the table ..

Our multi talented Consulting Engineer .. He told us that he did not know how to play... In the end, he whopped out butts!

Yours truly, finishing touch .. lost the game anyway :(

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

zoIPer: Asterisk Soft Phone

Well, this is a kinda late posting...hehehe ...well actually I just got this blog up and running. We installed the soft phone on my laptop and tried using the features of the software. To my amazement, the line quality is superb - I'm on streamyx line.

I called a few of my customers using VOIP, and in fact told them that I am calling using VOIP. The feedback that I got was very encouraging. The line was very clear and there were no interruptions.

Zoiper Free

Zoiper 2.0 Free (previously known as Idefisk) is a light application that provides basic and advanced VoIP functionalities at the cost of a click. Download for free.

Take a quick look at the advanced features of Zoiper Free:

• T.38 Fax support
• STUN support
• Various codec support
• Multiple accounts
• Adaptive Jitter buffer
• Echo cancellation
• Multilanguage support
• Portable storage device support
• More!

Asterisk: Password Reset via IVR

Something really cool in Asterisk - This is something an organization with LARGE number of users can use. You can now, get Asterisk to interface with AD or any applications, and get your users to reset passwords via the IVR. This means, the guys and girls at the help desk can concentrate in doing what they are paid for.

Well this solution is both secured and reliable. We have 2 customers that loved this solution. One is from the O&G industry and the other is from a Financial industry.

Imagine this .. you have an average of 2000 calls per month on password resets. Now all of such request can be handled by the IVR via Asterisk. Kewl no?