Monday, October 13, 2008

Vista Easter Egg

Before I share this information, I must tell you that I found this kewl thing while google-ing for some other stuff. Amazing eh? What you can find on the web!

Here we go!

1. Open dos prompt - Start-Run and type command
2. Goto the root of C:\ "you can do this by typing cd\ and hit enter
3. At the root, type edit "filename".bat - Filename ---> Replace it with what ever turns you on :)

Copy and paste the following

aurora.scr /p65552

4. Save the file
5. In windows explorer, search for the newly created file and copy it onto your desktop
6. Double click that file and see what happens - something really kewl
7. To exit "Press "Alt" + "F4" simultanoeusly without the + sign :)


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