Wednesday, October 8, 2008

zoIPer: Asterisk Soft Phone

Well, this is a kinda late posting...hehehe ...well actually I just got this blog up and running. We installed the soft phone on my laptop and tried using the features of the software. To my amazement, the line quality is superb - I'm on streamyx line.

I called a few of my customers using VOIP, and in fact told them that I am calling using VOIP. The feedback that I got was very encouraging. The line was very clear and there were no interruptions.

Zoiper Free

Zoiper 2.0 Free (previously known as Idefisk) is a light application that provides basic and advanced VoIP functionalities at the cost of a click. Download for free.

Take a quick look at the advanced features of Zoiper Free:

• T.38 Fax support
• STUN support
• Various codec support
• Multiple accounts
• Adaptive Jitter buffer
• Echo cancellation
• Multilanguage support
• Portable storage device support
• More!

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