Thursday, February 5, 2009

Internet Explorer 8

Well, hello again people. This is really something interesting. I recently upgraded my IE in Vista to version 8.

Turn on's:

1. The overall performance of my IE was really good.
2. Liked the privacy browsing
3. Loads much faster that the previous version and much faster than Mozilla.

Turn off's:

1. Slowed my computer down -- and I mean really slowed it!
2. Tried some of the fixes from the MS Support site -- with no results
3. Almost crashed my computer -- Luckily I had system restore activated


You would think that simply upgrading Internet Explorer would not cause an issue -- note that the way the browser integrates with the OS is as if it is the OS. I would strongly encourage backing up all your files before trying to upgrade anything.

Best is to wait till the commercial version has been released --