Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Yet another interesting day with Asterisk

I just sent out a proposal on Asterisk for a customer that requires a mobility solution for their internal users. What does this Cisco glorified definition mean? Simply this, a communication solution that allows users on mobile phones with SIP clients to connect back to their office IPPBX using either 3G or wireless internet (WIFI) connection.

This is quite interesting, as the solution design needs to take in, consideration of security, now no one wants to place an IPPBX out there without any protection, just imagine how many port scanners are running out there! We put in a routing server behind a firewall, which does SIP routing for authenticated phones.

With this solution, imagine the cost savings to and from international locations.

Happy selling Asterisk folks...

PS: Pretty soon, I will be writing something really cool about Nagios, what we have developed and where we plan to take it!

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