Monday, September 30, 2013

A nice and innovative solution for traders in a banking environment with Asterisk

Yes, we did it again. We designed a really cool solution that traders can now use in their environment. Say goodbye to super expensive hardware with limited functionality and a BIG hello to Asterisk! and a little bit of brain power :-)

I will furnish you with more details once I have it. My wonderful colleagues are working hard to get this out (with the clients approval)!

Hotel module for Asterisk / FreePBX

Our hotel module for Asterisk/FreePBX now works with two of the largest hotel systems Property Management System in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, i.e FCS and JDS:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We did it again...Astisotech stands proud and tall!

We won a bit to deploy an awesome Asterisk solution for a famous hotel chain, YTL. The solution fully integrates with their preferred PMS solution from FCS. We now have a real cool Asterisk solution that is fully integrated with a property management system for a Hotel.

This project consists of 3 properties with over 1000 extensions, a hybrid of analog and IP phones. Deployment starts soon :)