Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Replacing Cisco with beatiful and sexy Asterisk IPPBX ;-)

Well folks, yet another humble milestone for us.

We were trying very hard to penetrate this organization to implement our NMS - Network  Monitoring Solution Nagios and Asterisk IPPBX/ Call Centre solution based on Asternic. We had faced multiple phases, yes phases of challenges. The main hurdle, it's a Cisco power house. No doubt they carry a Cisco smile on their faces, they were moving towards a downhill trend with cost savings.

Now they face a new challenge, they need to expand, add new sites, more users, greater demand for features and functionality are being requested from management and users, and they have no where else to turn to, they are stuck, without a choice!

That all came to past when they met us. We showed them how we can work with their budget and then save some! We talked about how we can have the following features on Asterisk to project a seamless cross over from the OLD and EXPENSIVE TELEPHONY solution:

  1. Voice (for sure :-))
  2. Integration via E1/ PRI to existing legacy PBX
  3. Integration via SIP to a voice gateway
  4. Integration via Skinny protocol to CCM
  5. IM/ Presence
  6. Call Billing
  7. Call Centre Solution
  8. Call Recording/ Voice Logger
  9. Customization on the IP Phones to enable XML integration with 3rd party application (cool eh?)
  10. And the sweetest thing, help phase out the existing dinosaur
 The above is just a stepping stone for them. There are many other back-end applications/ 3rd party applications that needs to be integrated with Asterisk.

So stay tuned. I will be updating more and more and more!