Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hosted IPPBX with OrenCloud: Powered by Asterisk


We have launched our hosted solution for IPPBX. It is cool, it is cost effective and most of all, it makes sense!!!!

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Taking Nagios to a whole new level: By Astiosech

A game changer in using Nagios

I am very excited about our new Nagios project here in Malaysia. Although I am bound to a non-disclosure agreement, I can put out the following information.

We have built yet another enterprise monitoring solution using Nagios with the following feature and function:

  1. Multi-tenant
  2. Distributed architecture
  3. Separate reporting infrastructure
  4. Customized alert dashboard
  5. Hosts information inventory
  6. Escalation tracking
  7. GUI to add hosts with pre-defined templates (around 50 templates)
  8. Ticketing ID and alert association
  9. Customized maps

If you would like to know more about this design, setup and configuration visit

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We are hiring:

Position: Corporate Sales

Job Description

  • Expand customer base by establishing new contacts and markets
  • Plan and carry out all sales related activities, including managing the entire sales cycle, of sending quotation to billing and collection.
  • Able to convert business requirements into sales opportunities.
  • Adhere to KPI's defined by management
  • Ensure consistent provision of excellent customer service, to attend to customers complaints, inquiries or other needs immediately.

For more information visit or you can email your resume to info [at] astiostech [dot] . [com]