Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Information about GHOST vulnerability and a quick fix for Astiostech Customers

What is the GHOST vulnerability

The GHOST vulnerability is a serious weakness in the Linux glibc library. It allows attackers to remotely take complete control of the victim system without having any prior knowledge of system credentials. CVE-2015-0235 has been assigned to this issue.
Qualys security researchers discovered this bug and worked closely with Linux distribution vendors. And as a result of that we are releasing this advisory today as a co-ordinated effort, and patches for all distribution are available January 27, 2015.

Am i affected?

The best way to find out for sure is to run this quick check through the blog link shown below

Information on how to test and patch

How can i get help to check or patch?

If you are our customer, write to support and we can schedule a fix time and date. In the meantime, we suggest to keep abreast of latest development of this vulnerability via online security channels.


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