Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ATX Suite

Comprehensive & Integrated open IT service management

BPI/data model driven ITSM software solution for enterprises
Consist of 8 modules and 3 optional advanced modules, 1 advance reporting module and integrated web helpdesk chat system
Open source and has no license cost
The only Open Source Solution that integrates ITSM and IT NMS
Fully customizable including business process, UI and use APIs for integration to existing systems

Version 2.1.1: Update
Brand new clean UI using Jquery
Easily import and export data into MS Excel
Easy code editors
Localization (BM, BI, English..)
Easy backup and restoration

Enterprise log collaborator, application monitoring & analysis
Tightly integrated set of tools
Works with any log producers (single/multiline), enabling collection, parsing,/interpretation  & visualization of data
Powerful, distributed search capabilities based on Apache Lucene
Consists of OSSEC (parsing, formatting) & ELK (E-Search Tool LogstashK-Visualization Tool) Stack
Can be tightly integrated into NMS (e.g. Nagios) to harvest check/alert data