Monday, April 17, 2017

Automate alerts with Nagios, using IRAS (Integrated Response and Alerting System)

Ever had a wish to fully automate your Nagios alerts?

  1.  Alerts must be sent automatically to your engineers
  2. Dashboard being updated with owner of the alerts, ticket ID, SLA tracking
  3. Automatically having to make a decision on which group the alerts belong to using a predefined table
  4. Which engineer should the alerts be sent to?

Well, IRAS is the answers to that wish!

Auto dialer solution

We have a cool Auto Dialer solution that is now available for our clients. It is built on open source and hence, there are no licensing costs.
Here are some of the features we have deployed. This solutions helps increase productivity and efficiency of your contact center.
See how it can benefit you and help your marketing and collections team.