Friday, September 29, 2017

ATM, AS400, Oracle and VM monitoring with Nagios XI

We have over the years gained experience in monitoring AS400 servers. Although there are readily available plugins, we found that there are not as efficient as they need to be.

We have created our own method of monitoring AS400, which circumvents issues faced using the available plugins.

AS400 Monitoring

Oracle DB Monitoring

VM Monitoring

ATM Monitoring

Open Source In Enterprises #2

Open Source for Enterprise #2

We hereby would like to inform you that Astiostech is hosting an event on Auto Dialer and it would be of great honour if you can attend. In the case your agenda does not permit your attendance, we would appreciate if you could appoint one of your distinguished colleagues to represent your organisation at the event. Please read through our invitation for event information and complete your registration.

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