Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nagios in an Enterprise Environment

If you are looking for a network monitoring solution using Nagios or Nagios XI to monitor a very large number of hosts, I am talking more than 5000 hosts, it is possible to design them using Nagios or Nagios XI (hereinafter known as Nagios).

There are several critical points you need to take into consideration. Two very important points, this will either make your design flawless in terms of performance or give you a headache no medicine can cure!

Point 1: Hardware specification - Take into consideration CPU, RAM, IO of HDD, the higher the better (SSD even better)

Point 2: Frequency of check, how data is handled (queuing and writing)

The solution we designed writes over 1,000,000 records per day on a MySQL database (yes the DB needs to be tweaked for performance! and regularly checked for potential issues).

We designed a complete new dashboard from ground up. This dashboard displays only alerts, has the following action points:

  1. Able to assign alerts to agents
  2. Able to assign alerts to level 1, 2 & 3 engineers
  3. Assign ticket ID to alerts
  4. View hosts related information (asset information; like location, purchased date, warranty information, support engineers to call, etc)
The main interface was also design from ground up. This interface allows users to add hosts and select pre-defined templates for that particular hosts. We created over 100 templates, ranging from a switch, routers, firewall, load balancer's, multiple OS's, oracle, DB2, *SQL,and many more.

This is the high-level design that catered for this requirement.

Have a good week ahead!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Replacing Cisco with beatiful and sexy Asterisk IPPBX ;-)

Well folks, yet another humble milestone for us.

We were trying very hard to penetrate this organization to implement our NMS - Network  Monitoring Solution Nagios and Asterisk IPPBX/ Call Centre solution based on Asternic. We had faced multiple phases, yes phases of challenges. The main hurdle, it's a Cisco power house. No doubt they carry a Cisco smile on their faces, they were moving towards a downhill trend with cost savings.

Now they face a new challenge, they need to expand, add new sites, more users, greater demand for features and functionality are being requested from management and users, and they have no where else to turn to, they are stuck, without a choice!

That all came to past when they met us. We showed them how we can work with their budget and then save some! We talked about how we can have the following features on Asterisk to project a seamless cross over from the OLD and EXPENSIVE TELEPHONY solution:

  1. Voice (for sure :-))
  2. Integration via E1/ PRI to existing legacy PBX
  3. Integration via SIP to a voice gateway
  4. Integration via Skinny protocol to CCM
  5. IM/ Presence
  6. Call Billing
  7. Call Centre Solution
  8. Call Recording/ Voice Logger
  9. Customization on the IP Phones to enable XML integration with 3rd party application (cool eh?)
  10. And the sweetest thing, help phase out the existing dinosaur
 The above is just a stepping stone for them. There are many other back-end applications/ 3rd party applications that needs to be integrated with Asterisk.

So stay tuned. I will be updating more and more and more!


Monday, September 30, 2013

A nice and innovative solution for traders in a banking environment with Asterisk

Yes, we did it again. We designed a really cool solution that traders can now use in their environment. Say goodbye to super expensive hardware with limited functionality and a BIG hello to Asterisk! and a little bit of brain power :-)

I will furnish you with more details once I have it. My wonderful colleagues are working hard to get this out (with the clients approval)!

Hotel module for Asterisk / FreePBX

Our hotel module for Asterisk/FreePBX now works with two of the largest hotel systems Property Management System in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, i.e FCS and JDS:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

We did it again...Astisotech stands proud and tall!

We won a bit to deploy an awesome Asterisk solution for a famous hotel chain, YTL. The solution fully integrates with their preferred PMS solution from FCS. We now have a real cool Asterisk solution that is fully integrated with a property management system for a Hotel.

This project consists of 3 properties with over 1000 extensions, a hybrid of analog and IP phones. Deployment starts soon :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Too many good things happened, not much time to bloggggggg

Hi Folks,

Oh man, it ha been really a super busy 3-4 months... and the good news is, it keeps getting better and better.

Follow us on our facebook page,

Visit our Facebook page Astiostech and read all about the new stuff that has been cooking. See the numbers above, if you're in Malaysia, dial it and see what happens (at no costs to you)!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Great support from our partners and customers

Hi Folks,

It has been an overwhelming experience since we started on our own with Astiostech Sdn Bhd. It was really unbelievable to receive such support from our business partners, friends, clients and family.

We are coming up with some exciting stuff, something that will change how people experience open source. We have broken it down into several phases in which, each phase will consists of a new and fresh outlook of things.

Our website will be up soon, so stay tuned.

Have a good day everyone!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A new career adventure begins in Jun 2013

Hey folks, I will be heading a new business unit developing VoIP solutions. This is really a unique and fresh opportunity as I start my new career with this "GOD sent" new organization. I am excited to undertake this role.

Will be updating this blog to provide more insights on my new adventure.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time. So remember: great achievements take time, there is no overnight success".

Ritu Ghatourey quotes

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cool softphone that well behaves with Asterisk

Yet another well behaved piece of software working nicely with Asterisk.

Do you want a softphone that:

  1. Built entirely on a web browser
  2. Built on Java
  3. Has hundreds of API integrator's
  4. Supports SIP, QoS, HTTP tunnel, g729 and g722
  5. Has any features you want it to have from Asterisk
  6. Integrates well with CRM solutions
  7. Works like a charm on Call Centre's
  8. Agents need not change screens for CRM reference
  9. Ability to chat from a single web instance
Then you want to look at our Hayibo! web based softphone:

Customised Call Center Dashboard

Customised Call Center Dashboard

We created a very flexible framework which allows us to build customised dashboards in a very quick and affordable way.
All our dashboards are browser based and can be viewed on a supervisors notebook/desktop or projected on a wall in the call center. 
The below dashboard was created for a bank in Malaysia and displays:
  • 17 queues divided into 6 queue groups
  • Thresholds are configurable for SLA
  • Calls Waiting
  • Agents
  • Agents Busy
  • Call Center Max Wait time

Work - Code with Asterisk

Our work code modules enables agents to key in a code during a call for classification.
You can define as many work-codes as you like.
Example: Code 200 = Enquiry for product A
Example: Code 201 = Enquiry for product B
Example: Code 301 = Enquiry for sales support

Agents can key in the work code during a call without the remote end hearing any DTFM tones on the line. In case the agent forgets to enter the work-code the system can call back the agent and ask the agent to enter the work-code for the previous call.
The call center supervisors can create work code reports easily via web based interface.

Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment

Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment

In a standard Asterisk based call centre system, agents need login into the queues manually. If the agents have to work in multiple queues at the same time he or she needs to login / logout into all this queues either via feature codes or by pressing fix pre-programmed buttons on the phone. 

The situation get's even more complex if the individual agent does not work always in the same queues. On top of this there is no possibility for a supervisor to dynamically re-arrange agents in realtime. 

The supervisor realises that the english queue is full and that the wait time is above the desired SLA thresholds. 
What would the supervisor like to? 
He would like to have a web-based tool where he can simply login, and assign additional free agents to the english queue in realtime. The added agents do not need to login / logout out of the system to make the changes effective. 

The Dynamic real-time agent / queue assignment module communicates with Asterisk in the background and arranges the necessary queue login / logout tasks automatically.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A unique resort on a unique island - Asterified

I am very excited about the recent domination to Asterify a Malaysian premier resort!. We recently converted the entire resort to Asterisk. With over 300 rooms, Pangkor Laut Resort is an exclusive private island owned by YTL Hotels. 

We have integrated Asterisk with its PMS system and the feedback we receive from their users is simply awesome!.

We have a good mix of analog phones and IP phones scattered throughout the island. The implementation was done over a duration of 3 weeks, inclusive of the API development and testing for their PMS system.

The switch over was done sharp midnight, and as usual, Asterisk went online without any glitches...

Don't you just love Asterisk?!